How we Export Incubate your business

We launch your service or product for you in Central European markets (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia) as if we were your local export department.

We plan and execute all your foreign market launch plans end-to-end to minimize your

overall corporate efforts




You are toying with the idea

to launch your product or service in Central Europe

You let us know

Market research

We can research your target markets for you and build an initial go-to-market recommendation.

You asses the potentials vs.
risk and costs

Sales strategies

We can build your local sales strategies and action plan

Sales activities

We can conduct all sales and negotiations on your behalf building on our local workforce, retail knowledge and sales network. We build a Joint Business Plan, and Joint Value Creation action plan with your partners for you.

Marketing strategies

We can build your marketing strategies and plans. We can create your local brand or launch your existing one. We got you covered on brand building, concept design until all details of execution.

Marketing activities

We can create, design and produce all your offline and online marketing materials. We can plan and book media for you.

You receive the first orders from
the partners we found for you.


We can plan and manage your entire logistic processes (both brick and mortar and e-commerce).

You ship your first products or
provide your first services.

Commercial operations

We can ongoingly manage your Sales Foundations - monitoring your partners’ satisfaction, your product’s performance vs. competition and collaborating with your partnerts to adjust support model if needed.

You decide to scale up with our
without our further help.

Legal entitiy management

We can establish and manage your local legal entity and all related processes: legal, taxation, office management and HR tasks.

Let us do the same in several countries together